Freediving gives you the opportunity to discover the underwater world on a single breath. It allows you to experience the calmness of the ocean and to discover your own body and what it can do on one breath of air. Freediving gives you an intense feeling of freedom and enhances the strong connection between soul, body and mind.

It is a great activity that can be done any time any place, as long as there is water.

Our students are always surprised at what they are able to do on one breath, how fast they can master the basics of freediving and how quickly one’s body adapts to an underwater instinct. In only 2 days you are ready to go and discover the underwater world with your new learned skills.

The Mammalian Diving Reflex is one of the most amazing human physical adaptations. The reflex starts when you go underwater. The heart rate drops to save oxygen and allows us to stay underwater longer.  The same reflex is used by other marine mammals such as dolphins and whales. While freediving, we train our body and mind to remember how to use this reflex.

Doing the PADI Freedive program with BB freediving offers you quality training and a recognised freedive certificate. The full freedive program is split up into four sections. The basic Freediver and Freediver course where you will get your first introduction to freediving and learn the basic techniques. If you want to improve your skills and push your limits, you can do this in the Advanced Freediver course. The Master Freediver course is the step towards becoming an instructor and allows you to assist in teaching students in their freedive journey. When starting the Freediver course you will have to buy the Freediver touch manual,  the same manual is used for all the other Freediver courses meaning you will only have to purchase it once!

​In addition to the Freediver courses we also offer yoga classes, because yoga and freediving go almost hand in hand. Yoga can help you improve your breathing and relaxation techniques which are really important skills in the Freediving. During course days you can join our evening yoga classes with a 50% discount.


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