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Training in Yoga for freedivers has become almost a cliche in the world of freediving, from the times of Jaques Mayol up to today.

Beyond the cliche there are some very good reasons why practicing yoga is being considered to be helpful for the freediver. There are two main aspects to this idea.
The simple physiological benefits of the practices themselves and the mindset for both freediving and yoga should be both fluid and meditative.

The breathing exercises fundamental in yoga, develop diaphragm breathing, promote deeper inhalation and exhalation and push oxygen into the bloodstream ,ideal for expanding lung capacity, reducing anxiety and encouraging effective steady breathing Specific yoga positions can help improve core stability and muscles of the lower back, which for a diver is of great benefit when carrying dive equipment.

Developing core strength is beneficial for a good fast finning technique, stamina, general fitness and ultimately extending the length of time you are able to enjoy the underwater environment.

You are more then welcome to join us at BB beach or in BB gym in lonely beach.

*- 300 Thb 1 session.         - 800 Thb 3 sessions.
-1200 Thb 5 sessions​.      -2000 Thb 10 sessions.

​**Discount applies to Freedive students.